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Nature's Way (part 3) - 29/11/2015

Headspace are staging an exhibition, titled Nature's Way (part 3) at the Egg Cafe. of striking and sometimes abstract nature-based photographs by two Liverpool photographers.
It features the work of Colin Serjent and Jane Groves, taken in Liverpool and Merseyside. They have had two previous exhibitions of a similar theme in Liverpool at The Brink and the Unity Theatre.

The Egg Cafe, 16-18 Newington, Liverpool city centre
4th December 2015 - 10th January 2016
A private view will take place on Thursday 3rd December (6-30 pm to 8-30 pm). All are welcome to attend.

Extension For Nature's Way Exhibition

The Unity Theatre have given a four week extension to the exhibition they are staging, titled Nature’s Way, of striking and sometimes abstract nature-based photographs and paintings by three Liverpool artists. It features the photographs of Colin Serjent and Jane Groves, taken in Liverpool and Merseyside, while Carlee Graham is showing nature-based abstract paintings.
The nature-related photographs by Serjent can be viewed on his website:
The exhibition continues until Saturday 28th November 2015.

Nature's Way Exhibition - 17/9/2015

Featuring nature-based photography by Liverpool artists Colin Serjent and Jane Groves plus abstract nature-based paintings by Liverpool artist Carlee Graham.
The Unity Theatre are staging an exhibition of striking and sometimes abstract nature-based photographs and paintings by three Liverpool artists during October.
It features the photographs of Colin Serjent and Jane Groves, taken in Liverpool and Merseyside, while Carlee Graham will be showing large nature-based abstract paintings.
"I particularly like taking my photographs in the spring and summer, using azure coloured skies to help emphasise the colour patterns and textures in my pictures," said Serjent, who has shown his work in the USA, Germany and various parts of England.
"This preference for strong natural light helps me achieve the desired effects in my compositions. Many of the photographs, often taken close-up to the subject matter, are often abstract in appearance."
Serjent's subject matters include multi-coloured clusters of leaves, trees, plants, and other forms of distinctive and unusual looking natural habitats.
His portfolio of work can be seen on his photography website "Nature is something we don't always see," remarked Groves. "We look around and take for granted the sights we see before us.
"Images provide us with a space to see what we would normally scan and discount from our minds. Capturing the here and now stalls our fleeting glance and gives us the opportunity to see these images, and for us to view those sights we tend to disregard as unremarkable.
"We are surrounded by water," she added,"yet this doesn't often find a place in our consciousness....the river and the sea.
"Nature is remarkable, it's nature's way. My images are a chance to see, held in time, as they are when we passed them by. No camera tricks, no deception, the images are as they were when I first laid my eyes upon them."
Graham's paintings depict various natural elements, including earth, fire, water. "The force and fragility of nature inviting the viewer to reconnect with the aesthetic of the world outside." she remarked.

Unity Theatre, Hope Place, Liverpool L1 9BG
Dates: 9th October - 31st October 2015
Open Mon-Sat 12pm - 6pm.
Private View: Thursday 8th October 5.30pm - 7.30pm. All welcome to attend. Free admission.
Telephone: 07759 525 075

Artists For Palestine - 18/3/2015

Artists for Palestine UK is a growing network of artists, cultural workers and activists who wish to make a stand in support of justice and equality for the Palestinians, and defend arts organisations and individuals who do make such a stand against politically motivated attacks and censorship.
APUK recognises that Israel has, since 1948, denied fundamental human rights to the Palestinian people; that dispossession, colonisation, land annexation, illegal settlement and military aggression are habitually deployed by the Israeli state without it facing sanction, or any threat of sanction, from Western governments.
Israel deliberately undermines Palestinian cultural expression while marketing its own cultural output worldwide, thus attempting to cast a veil over its violations of human rights and international law. We think that Israel’s campaign to exploit culture as a diplomatic weapon, the ‘Brand Israel’ strategy, requires an urgent response from artists of conscience.
People in the arts have a special role to play in showing solidarity with Palestinian counterparts and their communities. APUK is an inclusive network that aims to amplify the voice of all those in the arts who respect the core principles laid out in the Artists’ Pledge for Palestine.
Our aim is to promote open and informed discussion on the responsibilities of artists and to situate this debate in the context of the Palestinian appeal for a non-violent movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.
Please consider supporting our work. Donations will help us organise public discussions, like this event, across the UK.
This website centres around a simple pledge that any artist can sign. Here's the link:

New abstract nature-based photographs by Colin Serjent - 17/2/2015

Taken in January and February 2015, they can be viewed on his photography website

Colin Serjent's nature-based photographs - 18/12/2014

An extensive range of nature-based photographs have been taken by Serjent during 2014. They can be viewed on his photography website

Colin Serjent and Jane Groves photography exhibition at Unity Theatre - 18/12/2014

Colin Serjent and Jane Groves, who both exhibited together in a show titled 'Nature's Way', at the Brink in Liverpool at the beginning of 2014, are staging another nature-based photography exhibition at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool in October 2015.

Colin Serjent in 'Finale' exhibition - 8/8/2014

Serjent has three of his photographs featured in the 'Finale' exhibition taking place at the Liverpool Academy of Arts on Seel Street. It will be the last exhibition to be staged there before the building is converted into student flats. Just what Liverpool needs!
The exhibition runs until 28th August 2014

Colin Serjent in 'Abstraction' exhibition - 17/6/14

Abstract-based photographs by Colin Serjent will be featured in the 'Abstraction' group exhibition taking place at the Liverpool Academy Of Arts. It runs from 17 June until 27 June. The venue is based on Seel Street in Liverpool city centre.

Colin Serjent has upgraded his Abstractway website - 17/6/14

Serjent's 'Abstractway' website, which features his nature-based and abstract-based photographs, has had the site upgraded and now features examples of his archive photography, including his music-based photographs. Go to

Colin Serjent in '10' exhibition at the Cornerstone Gallery - 17/6/14

Serjent is taking part in the '10' exhibition at the Cornerstone Gallery during the Liverpool Independents Art Biennial. The gallery will be ten years old in June 2014.
To mark this occasion the gallery have asked the many artists who have previously exhibited there to submit a piece of work.
The exhibition runs from 5 July until 12 September (although the closing date may be extended).
For more details about '10' go to
The Cornerstone is located at Liverpool Hope University, Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP.

Colin Serjent in new photography exhibition - 13/11/2013

Colin Serjent is taking part in a joint photography exhibition with fellow Liverpool-based artist Jane Groves. It is titled Nature's Way and will take place at The Brink in Parr Street, Liverpool city centre. Their photographs capture natural scenes in and around Merseyside.
"I particularly like taking nature-based photographs in the summer," said Colin, "using azure coloured skies to help empathise the colour patterns and textures in my pictures. This preference for strong natural light helps achieve the desired lighting effect in my compositions.
"Many of the pictures, often taken close-up to the subject matter, are abstract in appearance. Some people have commented that some look painterly."
His subject matters include weather-ravaged natural objects, such as tree bark, tree trunks and branches; multi-coloured clusters of leaves; and various other forms of natural habitats.
Nature's Way runs from 6 December until 7 March 2014. A private view of the exhibition will take place on Friday 10 January, beginning at 6 pm. All are welcome to attend.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-11pm. Sat: 10am-12pm. Sun: 11am-10pm.

Busy summer for Serjent! - 10/6/2013

As well as the 'Surroundings' exhibition Colin Serjent is taking part in at the Cross Street Art Gallery in Wigan (see separate item) he is also exhibiting work with TAG (Toxteth Art Group) at The Art Gallery in Bootle. The exhibition is titled 'Order And Chaos' - 17 June - 7 July. Opening hours Mon - Sun 11am - 4pm. It is based at 30 Stanley Road.
In addition Serjent is showing a selection of his photographs at the Liverpool Pride Of Place Project, staged by The Caravan Gallery (
It is taking place in a disused shop at 79 Renshaw Street in Liverpool city centre.
It is open every day (11am - 6pm) and finishes on Sunday 16 June.

Colin Serjent involved in new exhibition, Surroundings - 16/4/2013

Serjent will be exhibiting a number of his new photographs, many of them abstract nature-based, at the Cross Street Art Gallery in Wigan.
His portfolio of photographs can be viewed on
He will be sharing the exhibition space with fellow photographer Neil Warburton.
His portfolio of photographs can be viewed on
The show runs from 19 June until 19 July, 2013.
The activities of Cross Street Arts Gallery can be viewed on

Eimear Artwork At Indian Embassy - 6/12/2011

Red Dot member Eimear Kavanagh will be taking part in an exhibition, titled 'Heaven To The Left' (5-9 March 2012). It will help celebrate twenty years of The Nehru Centre, which is the cultural quarter of the Indian Embassy in Mayfair, London.

Artists who have exhibited there previously will be sharing the exhibition space, many of them coming to the UK from India.

Active Times for Alison - 6/12/2011

In July, I curated an exhibition for Wirral Council called "de-junk, re-junk" at the Birkenhead Park, handing out junk and parts of my old kitchen to a group of artists, some first time recyclers, others die-hard eco minded artisans. The success of the show lead to my application for funding for recycling workshops to tie in with the 2012 de-junk, re-junk exhibition (now an annual event). I was awarded 75% of the grant I asked for, enabling 7 workshops with local artists at The Green Community Shop and Centre in the new year. Read more

Susan Meyerhoff Sharples News - 6/12/2011

It has been another exciting year I am pleased to say, I have been working abroad again on my new project which includes collaborative exhibitions. It's entitled 'THE OBJECT OF THINGS - TOYS' ( IGRACKA MOG DJETINJSTVA) and was first shown at Metal and CUC in February 2011, where it included participants from Merseyside and northwest England. It built momentum and a group of Croatian artists responded which resulted in collaborating with them and taking a selection of the show to Medulin, Croatia in April 2011 where the local TV became interested. This led to artists from Montenegro enquiring about how they could become involved and I opened the 4th version of the exhibition on 8th Oct 2011 in Podgorica, Montenegro. Again the TV coverage, which was more extensive, has led to further enquiries from artists in the Balkan area for 2012.
In April 2012 my new commissioned sculpture entitled 'Roger's Book' will be unveiled in The Storyteller's Garden at Poulton Hall, Bebington, Wirral.

New photographs by Serjent - 6/12/2011

A series of new photographs by Colin Serjent can be seen on his website

Serjent exhibiting in Look11 International Photography Festival

Colin Serjent is taking part in a photography group exhibition, which will be on theme of closure, during the Look11 International photography festival, the first of its kind to be held in Liverpool. He will be showing abstract images of retail outlets within Merseyside which have been closed.

The exhibition will take place at the Domino Gallery (formerly the Gren Fish Cafe) on Upper Newington (off Renshaw Street).
The exhibition will be open to the public from 13 May - 26 June. A private view will take place on Friday 13 May (Time TBA).


Two artists from Red Dot, Colin Serjent and Richard Ashworth, had art work featured in the Nerve Centre project, titled 'Insurrection', that took place in Gallery 2 at the FACT Centre on Wood Street in Liverpool city centre, which took place in April 2011.

For more information about the project go to

Red Dot involved in Look11: International Photography Festival

Red Dot are proposing to stage a photography exhibition on the themes of 'A call to action' and 'Social Justice' during the Look11 Photography Festival taking place in Liverpool from March 2011 to July 2011.

Further details to follow.....

Sue Sharples has the travel bug!

Sue Sharples spent a lot of time in Europe during 2010 exhibiting her artwork. She visited Denmark, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Austria, Germany and Belguim (all as part of the Cultures Crossing Site Specific project). She also had two artist residncies in Austria.
She also exhibited at the Bluecoat Gallery, The Gallery and Merseybio - all based in Liverpool- and also Tate Liverpool. Sue was also part of the Wirral Open Studio project and had work shown at Camden Lock in London.
In January 2011 she will have work shown at six venues in America and in February at METAL in Liverpool in an International collaboration.

Hong Xing by Fairhurst & FieldingJane Fairhurst in London exhibition

Jane will be travelling down to London to take part in a group exhibition, titled 'Above The Serious', at The Gallery, based in Stoke Newington library. The show takes place between 28th November until 9th December 2010.
In collaboraton with Tim Fielding, Jane is showing work at the MA Fine Art exhibition at Liverpool Art & Design Academy, as part of the Liverpool Arts Biennial. The show continues until 18th November 2010.
They also have work included in the DIY Integrated City exhibition at the Atrium at the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo building on Old Hall Street. It runs till 18th November 2010.

Study for Wing - Medium: carrier bags on paperBusy Biennial for Wendy Williams

Wendy has taken part in five exhibitions during the 2010 Liverpool Arts Biennial. they include 'About Here' at The Gallery in Stanhope Streey; at MerseyBio at the Biosciences building in Crown Street';' 'Wirral Artists' at The Six Rooms Gallery in Birkenhead;' 'A Sense Of Place' with the Soup Collective at Blackburne House on Hope Street'; and finally 'Soup Is Touched' at Tate Liverpool. Phew!

Carolyn Shepherd artwork at 'The Bombed Out Church'

Carolyn has a burnt wood sculpture, 'Survival - A Space for Contemplation on the True Nature of Impermanence' at St, Luke's Church in Liverpool city centre until 28th November 2010 (Open Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm - except when it is blowing a gale!)
She will also be involved in charcoal drawing on site during the exhibition - visitors welcome to join in too.
Carolyn took part in an exhibition, with three pieces of original work, at the Six Rooms Gallery during October.

Alison Bailey Smith in 'Crafted' exhibition

The artwork of Alison will feature in an exhibition, titled 'Crafted'. taking place at the Kirkby Gallery (based inside Kirkby Library). It will showcase the work of artists and makers from the North West of England. The show runs from 30 November until 6 February 2011. Kirkby Gallery, Newtown Gardens, Knowsley L34 3LA.
Alison will also be exhibiting for the seventh year in a row in the annual Oxton Art Fair at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead on the weekend of the 20th and 21st November 2010.

Sue Sharples studio/workshop open to public

Sue's studio/workshop will be open to visitors on November 13th & 14th 2010 from 12pm to 5pm, as part of the Wirral Open Studios Tour.
She is one of 27 artists taking part in an exhibition at Hoylake Community Centre, North Parade, Hoylake.
Sue is also exhibiting in the Soup exhibition at Tate Liverpool gallery. The shows runs until 21st November 2010.
Loooking ahead, she is featured in an exhibition, titled 'State of Perception' at METAL at Edge Hill Station. It runs from 3-21 February 2011.

New photographs by Colin Serjent

A series of new photographs by Colin can be seen on his website
Meanwhile a number of them will be featured in the Christmas Open exhibition taking place at the Liverpool Academy of Arts.
The exhibition runs from 23rd November until 9th December 2010.
A private view will be held on Monday 22nd November (6.30pm - 9pm).
Liverpool Academy of Arts is based at 32 Seel Street in Liverpool city centre.

Jo Derbyshire curator at The Gallery

Jo is currently curator at The Gallery, based in Clayton Square Shopping City in Liverpool city centre.
Meanwhile she has loaned some of her artwork to Que Pasa Cantina based on Lark Lane in Liverpool.

Christine Wilson at MerseyBio

Christine Wilson's work is included in an exhibition at MerseyBio, Biosciences Building on Crown Street in Liverpool. It continues until 4th December 2010.
She is also one of the artists taking part in an exhibition at the Six Rooms Gallery, based at Argyle Street in Birkenhead. The show runs until 27th November 2010.

Eimear Kavanagh in Oxton Art Fair

Eimear is one of 19 artists taking part in the seventh Oxton Art Fair, to be held at Williamson Art Gallery, Slately Road in Birkenhead. It will be held on Saturday 20th November (10am - 5pm) and Sunday 21st November 2010 (10am - 4pm).

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